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    名無し:2020/01/06(月) 20:17:45.56ID:H9cgyIre0

    前世:茉耶? 昨年9月に引退した歌い手 12月23日が誕生日で現在23歳


    ※2021年1月31日追記:Gawr Guraの中の人のBeryl役の動画情報ありがとうございます。

    ※2021年2月1日追記:pavolia reineの中の人の情報ありがとうございます。







    ※2021年3月3日追記:Gawr Gura(senzawa)の情報ありがとうございます。













    ※2021年8月23日追記:Tsukumo Sanaの情報ありがとうございます。

    ※2021年8月23日追記:Ceres Faunaの情報ありがとうございます。

    ※2021年8月23日追記:Ouro Kroniiの情報ありがとうございます。

    ※2021年8月24日追記:Hakos Baelzの情報ありがとうございます。

    ※2021年8月24日追記:Nanashi Mumeiの情報ありがとうございます。

    ※2021年8月25日追記:Shiki Miyoshinoの情報ありがとうございます。



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    2023年3月24日 10:17

    someone pls find info about kuga leo im begging atp

    2023年3月22日 13:20

    LETS GOOOO!!!!!!!!

    2023年3月22日 11:50

    Anyone have info about KAMITSUBAKI member?

    2023年3月21日 05:28

    Any info about EIEN talent’s PL?

    Riifu: DTL

    2023年3月19日 20:13

    No info about Khyo or FalseEyed?

    2023年3月21日 02:39
    Reply to  Anonymous

    We really need info on those incels

    2023年3月21日 07:24
    Reply to  Anonymous

    Both of them are US citizens, and both of them support Taiwan as a free country

    2023年3月21日 17:24
    Reply to  Anonymous

    Hell yea, fuck stinky mainland

    2023年3月24日 17:57
    Reply to  Anonymous

    i agree with you!! Fuck that ching chong land >:(

    2023年3月18日 20:21

    Any information on niji exID that will graduate this year?

    2023年3月19日 01:29
    Reply to  Anonymous

    Who do u think?

    2023年3月20日 10:57
    Reply to  Anonymous

    Zea confirmed

    2023年3月18日 12:13

    I have a hunch that some ex-id would likely graduate after nocturn of the heaven finish, bcs for now thats the only thing that tied some of them to nijisanji

    2023年3月15日 23:19

    Ngl even tho I’m not a muslim if theres won’t be nijisore anymore from this year I would be sad

    2023年3月15日 22:09

    Is there still no news about Axia?

    2023年3月15日 23:08
    Reply to  Anonymous

    He is no longer part of the company, why should we care?

    2023年3月16日 02:09
    Reply to  Anonymous


    they asked if Axia got another persona aftere the graduation and you replied with “we” lmao

    2023年3月17日 20:00
    Reply to  Anonymous

    are you the admins of this site?

    2023年3月16日 02:18
    Reply to  Anonymous

    No sadly 🙁

    2023年3月16日 10:55
    Reply to  Anonymous

    None, I bet he won’t be a vtuber again after what happened to him. Streamer, maybe but he may lie low for awhile.

    2023年3月16日 15:57
    Reply to  Anonymous

    No, just move on

    2023年3月15日 04:22

    Could someone continue the NIJI ID discussion from Nina page to this page? Nina page will full of Ren Sayu Hex chronicles like usual…

    2023年3月15日 10:53
    Reply to  Anonymous

    I’m just gonna say this, for some people that call them lazy have to know that almost if not all of ex-ID have irl full time job or still a college student. Collab is hard to do bcs schedule also with EN its hard bcs timezone, with JP a lot of their livers aren’t fluent in english and some of ex-ID livers also not really fluent in japanese. Sure they can take a course to learn japanese but it will took their time and (probably) money to do so. Cover and event are hard to do bcs of (again) schedule between livers and low fund AKA donations/SCs, its not enikara fault but more to the viewers but Indonesia economy are struggling right now, prices go high while their wages remain the same. Yes, maybe a lot of them have a good paying job irl but we don’t know if they also using their money for supporting their family so they can’t use it freely bcs they still need to send the money to the family not to mention ramadhan will be coming soon

    2023年3月15日 13:32
    Reply to  Anonymous

    ngl those people won’t even understand that content creation isnt an easy job to do
    – contents
    – how do you approach to viewers
    – marketing/promoting your own content
    – asking another livers to collab and what kind of content they want to deliver

    and people still blaming the livers for being “lazy” lol i believe these kind of people are just bunch of incel wasting their time on social media especially this website only to judge a moving 2d art lmfao. y’all are just bunch of losers complaining in this website and they living rent free on your head ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    2023年3月15日 14:39
    Reply to  Anonymous

    Yeah, the other day I saw some people on yt shit on ex-id bcs they probably wont do nijisore anymore starting this year. They refuse to acknowledge that making that type of content is hard, from planning to execution. Nijisore is a daily stream for almost 30 days with different theme to talk on every episode, theres also a quizz segment for each episode. For one episode of nijisore they at least need 4 people, 2 for host 1 for audience and 1 for quizz, matching 4 different person schedule is hard enough then they need to find topic to discuss for 30 streams and also topic for the quizz. Thats actually hard and they have to do it alone without staff-san help anymore while also working a full time job outside streaming

    2023年3月17日 00:52
    Reply to  Anonymous

    Op here
    I actually felt besides irl jobs stuffs , most of them are already unmotivated tho doing Nijisore
    Sad for it goes away but yeah…

    2023年3月17日 09:38
    Reply to  Anonymous

    (OP above you)
    I would say the reason for that is because they don’t have their local staffs anymore, like I already say in my first comment they have to do everything alone now not like before when staffs around meaning when they stream Nijisore before livers just need to read the prompt that already been made by staffs but now they’re the one who should make them. Also the irl situation of livers might be different from last year, their workload might be getting much bigger than last year so they can’t make time to stream. The very brief example of that is Taka, before he took a long hiatus (that actually him go vacation with his family to celebrate his college graduation) he pretty much stream reguraly but now he stream less because of his work

    2023年3月17日 01:02
    Reply to  Anonymous

    Helo , I’m one of called them “lazy”in Nina’s page
    Well my intention to say that is not for hate but just stating somethings when I watched them
    I didn’t generalize all of them, especially like Riksa, Etna, and Xia who spends time for efforts of creative ideas and Taka who seems always have his time for streams even with his career in green ojek IT

    But well also there’s some of them like Azura for example, she’s one that stream but more lean to boring one and rarely have good idea for catching more viewers (ngl the bathroom review is good idea but unfortunately she had worst idea like that drunk stream), also compared to other she seems to be most “nolep” one and never be more creative on ber stream.
    Additionally like Rai, idk who he is IRL since Rai is hard to be decoded but he really rarely stream even before the whole Niji problematic arc and NIJI EN comes + he already rarely stream in COVID era.He also seems never been doing more effort to engage more peoples to watch him

    2023年3月17日 06:28
    Reply to  Anonymous

    I understand what you feel immediately. I have been in Layla chat for so long and expect her to be better, to see she start doing language collab it really make my day. but her personality is troublesome, it’s like she don’t know what to do with her life as livers, ‘lack of creativity?’ or somekind.

    Today stream is really good example, she prepares topic roulette for Free chat. but what her plan is used that to ask ‘her chat’, isn’t chat should be the one who ask? i come here to watch you not your chat,lele..
    luckily, she throw that roulette halfway but still the next plan she have is watchalong (and the theme is not original idea from her, it’s from her chat of course)

    I don’t know about other id-livers, but i think their branch failure damaged everyone there. it’s only reason i can think of, the lack of motivation they have…

    also any Baksomeria read this please keep your eyes on the guy behind her fan account, he really have ‘high hope’ ,but he didn’t know about her pl.

    2023年3月17日 18:19
    Reply to  Anonymous

    Oh boy, I’m on the same ride as you. I left Layla’s channel about 2 years ago since I felt she didn’t made any creative progress for so freaking long. It seems she’s still not making much progress.

    But rather pointing only to “lack of motivation”, I always think it’s some kind of a negative feedback loop.

    First, I felt they were too isolated and unrelatable to the majority of VTuber fans from ID from the start. This created low CCV rate and low to no profit for Anycolor. The company then decided to limit support for ID members. This dealt a blow to livers’ motivation, thus made them even more isolated and unreachable to ID viewers.

    The solution is, just as all of you anon said above, creativity. While you don’t really need to reach Amelia Watson from HoloEN levels of creativity, but memes and shitposts are still your best bet. Heck, I even wonder WHY there are so little memes and shitposts came out from ex-ID side up until now (compared to HoloID).

    2023年3月16日 04:12
    Reply to  Anonymous

    I’m really asking since I’m pretty new to this fandom, is there any niji JP liver that didn’t get promoted for their birthday, anniversary or when they got new costumes on the official nijisanji twitter account? or is it just ex-ID & ex-KR?
    Because if it’s just ex-ID & ex-KR, I find it hard to say anycolor is completely innocent.
    sometimes I wonder if it’s because they’re not JP liver that they’re not promoted properly, or it’s because their numbers are small (ccv, subs, & donations), but mika melatika has good numbers and still doesn’t get it, actually I’m waiting for mika’s birthday to see if she’ll be promoted on the official account,
    because I think by promoting them at least on birthdays (even without birthday merch) or new costumes can slightly increase the awareness of niji fans towards niji ID & KR liver.

    2023年3月17日 11:58
    Reply to  Anonymous

    Unless you have merch or you are doing a 3D stream for the special dates, the official JP nijisanji account won’t promote any birthdays, anniversaries or new outifit reveals . For instance, one of their most popular male Livers, Kenmochi Toya, doesn’t get any special tweet for his birthday bc he doesn’t have any birthday goods (by his own choice).

    Additionally, for Nijisanji JP, there is at least 1 or 2 new outfits pretty much every week, even more in dates like valentine or halloween, this stuff would clutter the official twitter if they were to announce everytime a liver got a new outfit, so it’s just better for the Livers themselves to announce it.

    I know some ex-ID and ex-KR have done birthday merch post merger, which, I do agree that it sucks how the main branch twitter doesn’t promote it, I can’t defend them on that, but, for the rest? Even JP livers don’t get any promotion for those special events sometimes, so ex-ID and ex-KR not getting it too isn’t surprising

    2023年3月17日 12:29
    Reply to  Anonymous

    (not anon that asking the merch stuff)
    but it’s kinda weird to not NIJISANJI Indonesia twitter (yeah that twitter account still exists but supposedly watered down to announce something rather than what is pre-merge) to not celebrate Indonesian-based livers birthday? Did they now follow the rules of JP account to announce 3D only? I mean Indonesian-based livers birthday will not cluttered the account, just like the past

    2023年3月17日 12:34
    Reply to  Anonymous

    (cont.) Oh sorry confusing words

    I mean that account to not celebrate birthday

    2023年3月18日 12:40
    Reply to  Anonymous

    i believe even Gilzaren who barely streams and Roa who’s in a long (2 yrs already) hiatus got their birthday merch.

    and i dont think it’s about numbers either. Hana whose subscriber count is basically JP liver level and Taka reached 100k too whose casual outfit standee sold really well didn’t get birthday merch either this month. I think anikara just stopped caring

    2023年3月18日 14:14
    Reply to  Anonymous

    The only way for ex-id and ex-kr livers to get merch is to have them making it themselves, thats why we see more and more ex-id and ex-kr livers come up with original goods like Taka who said that he would be releasing his merch (that he design himself) next week. It’s kinda sad to hear when he said he work hard for the design but not sure if it will be good enough meanwhile majority of jp and en livers got actual illustrator hired to design their merch

    2023年3月18日 20:48
    Reply to  Anonymous

    im not sure about this info but i heard that the merch thing is gacha based. like… they determine who is getting an opportunity for that merch through gacha.

    2023年3月19日 01:59
    Reply to  Anonymous

    The usual merch? I don’t think they use gacha bcs it seems some popular jp livers get merch more often than others that are not so popular. But then if you look at en they seem to rotate the livers each time they release merch

    2023年3月14日 23:41

    Ngl, the Tempus page really went downhill from people thirsting for Bettel to a bunch of trolls hating nijisanji that any mention of it, you’ll get called a nijifag. In the end, they’re no different from those in the Nina and Xsoliel pages.

    2023年3月15日 14:32
    Reply to  Anonymous

    Good. the tempus page better stay clean from those nijistuff.

    2023年3月15日 18:36
    Reply to  Anonymous

    Nah, this may be harsh but that page is becoming like the hololive subreddit where they ban any mention of nijisanji after Kiara’s attempt to have her collab with Pomu didn’t work out at first. Some anons are acting high and mighty that they own the page.

    Sure, they’re annoyed with some anons doing comparisons but in any collabs with Niji such as the recent Vsaikyo where Selen is part of Axel’s team, there’s always that one or two i****s who like to stir drama about it.

    But again, what do I care? The majority of the anons in this site act as if they know the vtubers personally and would always reveal their worst traits when it comes to vtuber drama. So, whatever.

    2023年3月15日 19:02
    Reply to  Anonymous

    As normal, blame the trolls. People are too easily baited, thinking some dude shouting “Niji is so much better than Hololive, you’re all losers!” and vice versa is actually a representative fan, instead of a bored twelve year old fishing for attention.

    Since this page generally serves an angry, somewhat emotional crowd that wouldn’t survive moderation, s***** tribal “My oshi rules, yours sucks” stuff unfortunately takes root too easily, and people get way too defensive about very innocuous comments.

    2023年3月14日 08:49

    Still wishing if there are any info about these vtubers:
    – Aoi Mizuki from Voice Ore
    – Suzuka Stella and Hien Madoka from MegalightPro
    – Lea from Wactor

    2023年3月14日 13:30
    Reply to  Anonymous

    The third one just wait for the company themselves to announce the PL

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