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    名無し:2020/01/06(月) 20:17:45.56ID:H9cgyIre0

    前世:茉耶? 昨年9月に引退した歌い手 12月23日が誕生日で現在23歳


    ※2021年1月31日追記:Gawr Guraの中の人のBeryl役の動画情報ありがとうございます。

    ※2021年2月1日追記:pavolia reineの中の人の情報ありがとうございます。







    ※2021年3月3日追記:Gawr Gura(senzawa)の情報ありがとうございます。













    ※2021年8月23日追記:Tsukumo Sanaの情報ありがとうございます。

    ※2021年8月23日追記:Ceres Faunaの情報ありがとうございます。

    ※2021年8月23日追記:Ouro Kroniiの情報ありがとうございます。

    ※2021年8月24日追記:Hakos Baelzの情報ありがとうございます。

    ※2021年8月24日追記:Nanashi Mumeiの情報ありがとうございます。

    ※2021年8月25日追記:Shiki Miyoshinoの情報ありがとうございます。



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    2023年11月17日 21:57

    Indie streaming is it’s own slice of hell. best option is to not make a living in entertainment/from donations.

    2023年11月22日 04:24
    Reply to  Anonymous

    why would you buy SC’s instead of giving people memberships? you can just leave a message in streamlabs and there’s no youtube cut.

    2023年11月17日 16:22

    you’re actually 9 years old inside 27 years old body

    2023年11月16日 17:42

    So did he leak it? Or was it just a coincidence that he was the only one not included

    2023年11月16日 17:05

    This is why the term “liver” is retarded. I mean, I’d normally read it in my head like the organ initially no matter what, but I guarantee I’m not the only one who read “live-er” as “liver” while reading that post especially since it came so shortly after talking about medication.

    2023年11月15日 12:00

    I’m still looking at you Andi Adinata

    2023年11月18日 04:19
    Reply to  Anonymous

    What’s wrong with him??

    2023年11月21日 13:58
    Reply to  Anonymous

    manipulative, liar, basically wolf in sheep’s clothing

    2023年11月15日 11:40

    It’s generally associated with snooty upper class liberal types from the big city. Typically wearing expensive clothes, driving expensive cars, in an urban bubble that’s completely ignorant to how the majority of people in the world live. They typically have ignorant opinions characteristic of their bubble-world. These girls demanding expensive food and drinks does not sound like someone doing an earnest hard day work, it sounds like snooty privileged people accustomed to having it easy.

    2023年11月14日 11:59

    Id never collab with anyone, im always early to any meet up, it would go schizo if I had to deal with this constantly.

    2023年11月14日 08:12

    guilt-tripping mentally ill girl begging for money to your boyfriend go get a job for yourself stop robbing your bf’s money for mobile games

    2023年11月14日 07:14

    Dyslexic, autistic, a literal child mentally, and a victim of the education system.

    2023年11月14日 06:00

    Things don’t get better instantly, it’s gradual and requires consistency, but you start to feel better over time. Part of the problem is our dopamine is easily rewarded online so it doesn’t feel like it’s worth doing any of that… But when you learn to deal with things not being as fun you get more rewards out of the small victory dopamine wise, and also in just seeing the progress. We weren’t made for the instant gratification of the internet and video games. Being happy used to require more work than that. Being fulfilled is impossible off of media because you aren’t earning anything yourself that is tangible, while things in your life circumstance just get worse over time.

    2023年11月13日 20:57

    I mean more like maybe it has to be it’s own stream or maybe she has to turn off superchat or streamlabs or something else like that.

    2023年11月13日 03:30

    Also I think some people maybe don’t understand what nepotism means either. Actual nepotism is using your position in a company to get family or friends a job. That’s not what’s going on here. If it was then you wouldn’t end up with the first two waves being comprised of members that all had connections to each other prior to there being any members to influence hiring decisions. What is going on is the management who have no connection with these people have been intentionally selecting people with pre existing relationships since the start of the branch. That’s not nepotism, it’s just hiring strategy. The management aren’t using their positions in the company to get their family and friends jobs. Rather they’re hiring people unrelated to themselves that are friends with or have worked well with each other in the past.

    2023年11月12日 04:01

    He means that when they do their meetings to talk about how their channels are doing and think about what they could do better or discuss ideas and shit like that general check ins the managers will talk about the clips that are being posted of the members with them. So its obviously part of their jobs to keep track of that kind of secondary content.

    2023年11月10日 13:14

    has there been any info on Hana Macchia ever?

    2023年11月15日 22:45
    Reply to  Anonymous

    tagging along

    2023年11月10日 09:29

    i dunno in my experience its a pretty common dynamic in friendships where you are comfortable around each other to make fun of each other in jest as both parties know its not a serious insult and often will engage in an enjoyable back and forth, where as you wouldn’t do that to a stranger because you haven’t built up the rapport with them yet for it to come across as anything other than hurtful

    2023年11月10日 02:00

    Ribbons are objectively the hottest thing a woman can wear, how have you not realized this? Especially when a woman wears them for erotic purposes. It gives the impression of being bound and restrained, like BDSM, but instead of being about restraint and power, ribbons give the impression of welcoming and beckoning. It’s like the woman is inviting you to undress her like you would unwrap a Christmas present. And like a Christmas present, it also gives off the message of love and warmth. Just like a present is given to you to be yours, and to be treated with care, when a woman wears a ribbon, she’s giving herself to you, and asking to be treated with care and love.
    And for another thing, she can cover herself up with the nearly perfect level of control. Ribbons can be extremely tightly bound, with every part of a woman being just so barely contained by them, or they can be loose and big, almost as if they could fall right off, begging to be undone.
    Ribbons are the single most erotic.

    2023年11月9日 22:00

    Thanks for the story telling bro i guess i don’t have to play the game to know the story and thanks for the spoiler i didnt ask for it

    2023年11月9日 07:35

    Just realize that this anon is mentally ill.

    2023年11月9日 07:41
    Reply to  Anonymous

    Because they are using a dox website as their diary?

    2023年11月8日 23:48

    People love to attribute every shitpost to a single entity instead of a collective.
    Truth of the matter is that this thread is the dumpster ground for the whole board and only mentally ill people still post in it, while the rest moved on to discord or the dox site.

    2023年11月8日 07:38

    If you can’t make fun of your own people, what’s the point of anything? Being serious all the time isn’t attractive because it shows you have no ability to lighten up or soften the tragic parts of life. That isn’t to say there isn’t a time and place for seriousness but sometimes it’s better for the soul to laugh and take things in stride

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